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Electro Depot chooses Liquisol to increase the shopping experience

Glastint Lille painted 480 m2 the 4EVERblue energy-saving coating on the skylights of Electro Depot Anderlecht . The discount electro retailer needed a sustainable solution to keep the store cool in the summertime. hashtag4EVERblue blocks the glare which increases the comfort of the customers while the shop stays cool for the hard-working employees.

The North Face clothing brand discover Liquisol

That might seem like just a photo of a warehouse, but no! That is a workplace rescued from skylights that let in too much heat by Liquisol's 4EVERblue. The VF corporation outfits consumers around the world with brands such as Vans, Timberland, and Wrangler, and own an 10.000 m² warehouse with over 600 m² of skylights, from where major outdoor brand The North Face distribute their clothes all over Europe. But they had a problem, the skylights were causing the warehouse to grow uncomfortably hot in summer. Thankfully, VF chose Liquisol’s 4EVERblue permanent coating on their skylights, to reduce the heat keep the work environment better for their employees. Do you have temperature problems or energy wastage in your workplace? Contact us today!

FACADE5+ Protect - damp proofing for walls and surfaces

Our new Facade5+protect coating is so good, we’re making it news! This incredible product can be applied to any water absorbing wall type, so that’s brick, concrete, tile, marble, etc. and will block waters and oils from absorbing into the surface and causing damage, while still allowing the wall material to breath. This will protect your home or business from damp and mould, as well as improving insulation because a dry building will use much less energy than a damp one.

We made this video explaining how it works, and the science behind blocking damp and mould from getting into your home, and don’t just take our word for it, this is backed up by a Fraunhofer Institute study report on Mould and Dampness.

A Mad Month of Promoting Energy Preservation!

We’ve had a very busy last month here at Liquisol, travelling around Europe attending conventions and trade fairs, teaching people all about the amazing energy saving benefits of our coatings and paints. Through March we attended Futurebuild in London, Made Expo in Milan, and Farbe, Ausbau & Fassade in Cologne, and we’d like to extend our great thanks to each one for hosting us. It was amazing to be presenting our products alongside giants of the building trade and to meet so many potential new customers. See you all next year when we get to do it again!

Heatwaves are increasing in the UK, it's time to protect your building

A new study published in January this year by the University of Warwick is able to conclusively say that heatwaves in the UK have increased in “frequency and duration”. This new study has “examined data from the Central England Temperature (CET) record, the longest available instrumental records of temperature in the world.” And found patterns in the data that show that while there may have been worse heatwaves in the past, the UK is now more likely to have hotter weather for longer. So, if you had any doubts about whether this year was the time to finally protect your building from the suns rays and keep the inside cool, don’t hesitate anymore and let Liquisol protect you from heatwaves this summer!

The study can be read about in full here