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Liquisol 4EverBlue Solar - saves energy, expense and improves your environment

Liquisol’s innovative 4EverBlue Solar control paint reduces solar heat, decreasing the temperature in summer months. Not only that, it also helps to protect your soft furnishings, artwork and wooden floors from fading. The harsh glare of the sun is also reduced and a soft blue hue simulates the natural appearance of the sky allowing natural light through. 

Recent feedback from a customer that installed this product in spring 2016, includes that the temperature in their conservatory dropped by 8 ℃. Their living room was also cooler by between 4 to 5 ℃. A considerable energy saving for a very small investment.

LIQUISOL offers a great line of coatings that will make your home, office or factory more comfortable and easier to heat and cool while you save money! 2WHITE will keep your flatroof cool by changing it from a black heat absorber into a white sun reflector. 3SEASONSblue is a removable solar control coating for skylights and sky domes. 4EVERblue will stay more than 8 years on all your translucent surfaces such as glass, PMMA, FRP and polycarbonate such as Lexan, Macrolon etc. 4EVERdark is our extreme sunblocker for your sky light. With FACADE5finish your black , terracotta or beige roof and walls will stay 30% cooler. This energy saving effect can be achieved on all surfaces because our FACADE5primer attaches perfectly on metals, tiles, stones, etc. FACADE5+protect is our youngest product we released, once spayed on your bricks, tiles and ground surface it will be absorbed and make your stone, concrete or clay water, oil and greace damp proof. INSUL8deco is a world wide unique solutio to insulate your building. Not by conduction, but by reflection of the heat radiaton of your heating system. A fire place, a radiator or floor heating. 

Let's get WISER with ENERGY.